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All of Sirius's own posts on the CnC Comm are here. Any logs he was active in can be found here. Posts that he participated in on the comm are under the cut.

yy.mm.dd - descriptive link


10.09.24 - bored hospitalized Trickster, Morrigan arrives

10.09.28 - sad Hiruma in the park, Kaworu arrives

10.10.02 - Trickster post-hospital

10.10.11 - Trickster invisibilifies

10.10.12 - Tim is divine

10.10.17 - fist talk with Terry

10.10.21 - LOLAR BEAR

10.10.22 -
Trickster's furry little problem, Bruno's furry little problem, Crane mourns Terry

10.10.23 - Moony's gigantic furry problem

10.10.26 - Terry wakes up

10.10.29 - Lyra's boggart

10.10.30 - Moony calls in boggart help, Terry no like Halloween, Crane and Angelica's date

10.11.01 - HI HARRY

10.11.04 - Kaworu's rotten

10.11.05 - Quatre notes trial disappearances, paging Terry about trial disappearances

10.11.07 - Gemma is a pretty lady, HI PRONGS, Crane didn't weather the trial well

10.11.08 - Heine arrives, Kale gets cupcakes?, Abby is acquitted

10.11.09 - mommy issues with Einsturzen, flying high with Prongs

10.11.10 - EPIC POEM TROLL, Tim's feathery little problem

10.11.11 - Talking school and Einsturzen with Terry

10.11.15 - Hiruma is cooler than anyone else ever

10.11.16 - Harry wakes up, WTF BELLATRIX

10.11.17 - Crane gets a cushy job, Dr Stein's bewitching question,

10.11.19 - Bluffles breaks up my date for me, thanks

10.11.20 - HI LILY

10.11.23 -
apparently the dead like soda pop

10.11.24 - Nico and Crane's consequences, Ruka's got bigger balls than anyone

10.11.27 - Alistair returns, James plots a date,

10.11.28 - Terry hears about graveyard soda pop

10.11.30 - Lily plans a party

10.12.02 - Terry and Constantine didn't fight

10.12.05 - What The Actual Dobby, SNAPE! SNAPE! OOO IT'S A SNAPE!

10.12.06 - Maybe he's born with it, maybe he's Reaver, She spells witch with a "b", TONKS

10.12.07 - We're having a party, party!, that date thing James mentioned

10.12.08 - Heine needs advice, Dr Einie is scary

10.12.10 - Bellatrix is too

10.12.11 - Terry gets called out for being a bad cape

10.12.12 - Crane and crows, Lily is James-shopping

10.12.13 - Talking dreams with Nico

10.12.14 - Edgeworth gets a hug, Abby is acquitted

10.12.17 - MJ is a Downer Debbie

10.12.18 - A wild Fred appears, Orihime cookies

10.12.19 - Ebeneezer Scrooge

~Christmas Party Lock-in: 19th - 22nd~

10.12.23? - Terry took a test

10.12.31 - Sirius invites his friends to experiment on him, Harry is gone,

11.01.03 - Eleanor doesn't like school, Heine is insane in a stabby way, Bellatrix is insane in every way (Sirius isn't in this one but it's about him),

11.01.04 - James and Sirius are friends and they talk about their other friends

11.01.05 - Trowa gets philosophical about names

11.01.06 - Bluffles loses some memories,

11.01.08 - Terry gets some results,


11.01.24 - James ages up

11.01.28 - Camping wisdom for Carrie

11.01.31 - Lily goes home

11.02.09 - Edgeworth is ported out, Srs gives an awesome godfather friendship speech to Ruka,

11.02.13 - And a godfather friendship speech for Lyra

11.02.16 - Drinking with Booga in Tank's wake

11.03.03 - Terry has not disappeared

11.03.09 - Watching Sanddust for a Florida-bound Moony

11.03.15 - Nill's gay dads disappear

11.03.23 - Bellatrix is crazy

11.04.04 - Lily plans a party for James

11.04.11 - Harry Dresden is bad at secrets, Hermione!, Making a point about choices via Aurelia, Gemma did what??

5.23.11 - Sirius ported out. :(


11.06.24 - Damian reports Nill missing

11.06.26 - Nill returns, AS DOES LILY,

11.06.28 - Lyra is determined, HARRY'S BACK,

11.07.03 - Abe Sapien doesn't like wizards

11.07.07 - Sirius gets presumptive about the City Handbook,

11.07.08 - Sirius asks Eddie out over psychopathic clown children,

11.07.09 - Damian whines about air travel,

11.07.10 - Something like an actual conversation with James Bond, James wants Lily to pet his monkey,

11.07.11 - Eddie is disappointed, Jack did not actually need the Porter's help to encourage people to get naked with him,

Off-site HMDs - 10.11.19
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