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Name: Sirius Black
Gender: Male
Source: Harry Potter AU "Shoebox Project"
Canon point: Fifth year, Christmas 1975, aka part six of Shoebox.
Age: 15
Colour: Royal blue, #000066
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The world Sirius comes from is much like our own, only there's a self-contained secret society of wizards in it. Very much a part of that secret society, Sirius comes from a wealthy line of purebloods - basically wizarding nobility - and has had very little contact with "normal" (or "muggle") society, outside of a few movies he and his friend snuck into over summer holidays. Dirty Harry was mindblowing.

By and by, wizarding society is pretty easy-going, if rather on the reckless side of things. There's a Minister for Magic who interfaces with the larger British government, but other than that they police themselves and if one or two muggles have to have their memory adjusted because some fool decided to breed hippogriffs in his backyard, well that's nothing too unusual. Something far more serious than cryptobiological shenanigans has been growing slowly within wizarding society: a dark wizard calling himself Voldemort (who is more or less wizard Hitler) who believes that magic users should rule the earth rather than hide. Twenty years ago he began amassing power, and called other wizards who don't much like playing nice with muggles together to begin sowing chaos and overthrowing the system. They called themselves Death Eaters, and the wizarding is beginning to split into an internal civil war.

Sirius's family has long held themselves superior to muggles and any wizards with muggle blood in them, in a very snooty aristocratic way. They believe in blood purity to the point that Sirius's parents are actually first cousins because no one else was worthy of marrying them - Voldemort was singing a tune that they and the other pureblood families found very compelling. Sirius, however, was cut from a very different cloth, and while he had every luxury, his early childhood was profoundly unhappy.

He lived under the strict rule of two parents who placed their lineage as their highest priority, and their children were expected to adopt that philosophy and behave like little lords. Under his parent's watchful eye, he learned to identify every piece of cutlery that might ever grace a table, a generous number of waltzes and reels, to sit a horse, to recite his family tree back to the Middle Ages, and was privately tutored in French, Latin and Ancient Greek as well as other topics deemed important for a young wizard of quality to know. Sirius was isolated from all but a few other well-bred (and largely dull and spoiled) children, most of whom were related to him by blood or marriage or both, and hated every minute of it. His younger brother Regulus, eager for attention and approval, soaked up their beliefs like a sponge and soon became no better or more interesting than the other pampered pure-bloods. His other childhood companions included his cousins Bellatrix, Andromeda and Narcissa, of whom only Andromeda showed a glimmer of independent thought. She was his favorite, but he wouldn't have a true friend until he turned 11.

At that age, all children with magical abilities in Great Britain (whether they've ever heard of magic or not) are invited to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a boarding school in a whopping big magical castle, and basically taught to weild their powers and (theoretically) to get along with one another and at least be able to pretend to sometimes look mature and thoughtful. They are educated in Arithmancy, Charms, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, Transfiguration, and a number of other things until the age of 17, at which point they're considered adults. Students are taught by year, as and there are an average of 40 students a year, they are also sorted into "Houses" by personality, to make the 280 or so of them more manageable. Each House has its own dormitory, divided by gender and by year, and its own faculty mentor. The most courageous students go into Gryffindor, the most loyal students go into Hufflepuff, the cleverest students go into Ravenclaw, and the most sly students go into Slytherin. This basically means, painted in the broadest stroke possible, that all the good people are in Gryffindor, all the bad people are in Slytherin, and everyone else is boring and either in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff depending on how bookish they are. I would like to say that the author established these House-based profiles and then illustrated how each person is different and valuable and blah blah blah, but no, that's a true rule of thumb. The Blacks had all always gone to Slytherin, and Sirius's real rebellion started when he got himself sorted into Gryffindor. His parents were appalled.

That was a plus side in and of itself, but the real miracle for Sirius was suddenly finding himself surrounded by other children who were not all frustrating and useless. Sirius found his truest family in the form of James Potter, another boy in his year who was as mischevious and clever as he was, and they quickly became inseperable. They are the truest moirails humanity can produce. They also adopted Remus Lupin, who was smart but odd and sickly, and Peter Pettigrew who wasn't as bright, but was game for whatever mischief they came up with, and the four of them formed a tight group, calling themselves the Marauders. James had also made an instant nemesis in the form of a weird little Slytherin named Severus "Snivellus" Snape, the hatred of whom Sirius happily adopted. Seeing Sirius as possessing everything he could ever want and squandering it all to become a crass bully like James, Snape was more than happy to return the vitriol, with interest. Sirius did not adopt James's equally-instant infatuation with a girl in their year named Lily Evans who was somehow friends with Snivellus, though she'd been sorted into Gryffindor so she couldn't be all bad. James and Sirius very quickly developed reputations for being rather brilliant students (when they bothered) and also complete troublemakers.

The Marauders soon found out the cause of Remus's strange illness: he was a werewolf. Finding out that a kid you sleep in the same room with occasionally turns into a huge, vicious, horrible, contagious monster was something of a surprise (especially given how...tetchy Remus was normally), but the boys decided that 1) the kid couldn't help it, 2) their friend was a werewolf, how brilliant was that?!, and 3) Remus really really really really needed friends. The Marauders were many things, not all of them good, but they were always excellent friends, and they proved it by throwing their keen minds and youthful enthusiasm into doing something very illegal and very dangerous: they learned an advanced transfiguration technique that would allow them to willingly turn into animals so that Remus would have company during the full moon. Wizards who can do this are called Animagi and the Ministry is very keen on making them register the ability, first because if you know someone nearby can turn into a cat you might close your window before having a sensitive conversation, and so also that they can keep an eye out and make sure Wizard Jones didn't get nicked one night by a muggle pound and euthanized. In any case, the boys were messing with magic that no fifth year could be expected to understand, much less cast, and working under pure assumption that a werewolf would not attack an animal the way that they (very aggressively) went after people. Fortunately, between James and Sirius, the three of them pulled it off, and doubly-fortunately, they were right about being safe from the wolf. Animagi don't pick an animal, they turn into something somehow appropriate to their essential natures. James turned into a stag (reflecting his noble spirit), Sirius turned into a big black dog (reflecting his fun-loving loyalty) and Peter turned into a rat (and somehow they didn't figure out what this reflected in him, but for purposes of this app, we'll say they figured it was resourcefulness.) The boys also combined their skills to create a magical map that showed who was in every room that they had ever found in Hogwarts, and their movements. They called it the Marauder's Map, and between it and James's invisibility cloak, basically had complete free reign of the castle.

Sirius has the generosity to love or hate whatever and whoever he wants to, the arrogance to disregard the opinions of most other people, and the confidence to stand by his convictions. A lord and a beggar, a genius and a fool, he's is a mass of contradictions, but he's never let that slow him down.

Sirius was born with every advantage and opportunity, groomed to be the perfect young lordling, and he has kept no small part of the self-centered arrogance inherent in growing up swathed in luxury. His family also a history of explosive tempers, and he is no exception, which is doubly dangerous when coupled with his deep streak of recklessness: his common sense tends to take a back seat to his emotions on the best of days, but when he's riled up he acts without thinking about the consequences for anyone, friend or foe. Naturally bright and adept at magic, Sirius rarely had to put serious effort into his schoolwork in order to excel in the important things (read: subjects he personally cared about) so he tends toward laziness and is only more arrogant when others have to struggle to keep up with him. He has little respect for authority save from figures who have directly earned tht respect, and there is no question that he considers himself above the law when acting for what he perceives to be the right reasons. Or if he's bored. He's charismatic, good-looking and clever, and he has gotten away with far too much in his life because of it.

Sirius's great saving grace is his ability to love others, and love deeply, regardless of class, sex or creed. For love, he will hold his tongue and his temper in check. For love, he will recognize his mistakes and apologize. For love, he will sit patiently and help others every step of the way. Because of his lonely childhood, he has a particular soft spot for the odd man out, and he goes out of his way to make those he likes laugh and smile. Sirius learned at a very young age that "good" and "evil" cannot be defined by social norms or prejudices, and so he truly does judge others based on their actions and the character he perceives in them. For those who act hatefully to others he has nothing but contempt (even though he himself can be extremely spiteful and bullying - the irony of that is lost on him, which is why he does it) but to anyone who shows a noble spirit and a good heart, Sirius is a stalwart friend through thick and thin, and he trusts his friends utterly. He is also thoughtlessly generous in the way of someone who's never had to be concerned about money, and enjoys giving gifts and sharing what he has.

Abilities & physical limitations:
Wizard: Sirius was born with the innate ability to influence the world around him through magic! This means that he would and can still do magic even without a wand, it's just harder to manifest unless he is really riled up, and definitely harder to control, but if he is equipped with his wand, he can do all sorts of things. There are different kinds of magic available: Charms, which is to say all spells cast using an incantation and a wand; Transfiguration, the art of turning a thing into another thing using a wand; Potions, the art of combining ingredients in a cauldron to create magical elixers and such; Divination, gleaning prophecies and omens about the future; Arithmancy, which I'm going to handwave as some sort of basic math plus numerology because it's never described in the books, and Runes, which I will say is the ability to permanently imbue objects with magical powers. With advanced understanding of a spell, it can be cast wandlessly or silently, but this is more difficult, and Sirius knows very few spells at that level: expelliarmus, wingardium leviosa, and a hex that makes bats fly out of your nose.

For purposes of the game, Sirius's magic will be limited to Charms, Transfiguration and Runes, and he probably won't even notice he can't do the others. Without a wand, he's pretty much screwed. He also cannot cast a defensive spell to save his life, literally, so he's in trouble if someone starts throwing energy at him.

Animagus: Because he is AWESOME, Sirius has perfected the ability to turn into a great big puppy! It is really really really really hard to cast spells as a dog, since wands-and-incantations are not possible: he basically has to just will the spell through with his mind, and the level of concentration and complex thought he'd need for that is basically impossible for him when 90% of his brain is preoccupied with how everything smells.

Magical ability to do magic aside, Sirius is a human being, and is as vulnerable to exhaustion, injury and sickness as any other.

Sirius is described as being extremely handsome, with aristocratic features, the grey eyes common to purblood wizards, and shaggy black hair that falls attractively across his eyes. In addition to pretty genes, he has limitless confidence, an easy smile, and a way with people that

Notable AU differences from canon, if applicable:
There isn't a lot of canon information on what the Marauders were like when they were young: the Shoebox Project doesn't really contradict canon in any way, it expands on it and fills in blanks with a possible history.

Perhaps the biggest difference is its definitive answer to the question "just how gay for each other are Sirius and Remus?"

The answer is, despite Sirius's inability to understand his own complex emotions, extremely. Of course, he doesn't really realize it yet, at 15. Examining and labeling his thoughts and feelings isn't really something Sirius does.

Strife Specibus: Wandkind

Prototyping: Kreacher, a house elf.

Title: Knave of Heart

In-game abilities:
Hmm. Possibly something to do with bringing mischief out in others, getting them to act emotionally rather than logically?

Planet: Land of Puppies and Pudding

RP Sample:


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