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NAME & AGE: Sirius Black, 16
CANON & CANON POINT: Harry Potter, pre-books, around the time of the short story, with a great deal of influence from the fanwork, the Shoebox Chronicles.
CANON INFORMATION: The Harry Potter Wiki has the most canon information. The Shoebox Project has no handy summation, but can be read here.


Sirius was born with every advantage and opportunity, groomed to be the perfect young lordling, and he has kept no small part of the self-centered arrogance inherent in growing up swathed in luxury. His family also a history of explosive tempers, and he is no exception, which is doubly dangerous when coupled with his deep streak of recklessness. His common sense tends to take a back seat to his emotions on the best of days, but when he's riled up he acts without thinking about the consequences for anyone, friend or foe. Naturally bright and adept at magic, Sirius rarely had to put serious effort into his schoolwork in order to excel in the important things (read: subjects he personally cared about) he tends toward laziness and is only more arrogant when others have to struggle to keep up with him. He has little respect for authority save from figures who have directly earned his respect, and there is no question that he considers himself above the law when acting for what he perceives to be the right reasons. (Or if he's bored.) He's charismatic, good-looking and clever, and he has gotten away with far too much in his life because of it.

Some things, however, are simply inherent. Sirius's great saving grace is his ability to love others, and love deeply, regardless of class, sex or creed. For love, he will hold his tongue and his temper in check. For love, he will recognize his mistakes and apologize. For love, he will sit patiently and help others every step of the way. Because of his lonely childhood, he has a particular soft spot for the odd man out, and he goes out of his way to make those he likes laugh and smile. Sirius learned at a very young age that "right" and "wrong" , and so he truly does judge others based on their actions and the character he perceives in them, though once he's formed an opinion he sticks with it. For those who act hatefully to others he has nothing but contempt (even though he himself can be extremely spiteful and bullying - the irony of that is lost on him, which is why he does it) but to anyone who shows a noble spirit and a good heart, Sirius is a stalwart friend through thick and thin, and trusts his friends utterly. He is also thoughtlessly generous in the way of someone who's never had to be concerned about money, and enjoys giving gifts and sharing what he has.

COURT ALLIANCE & REASONING: Oh Seelie, certainly. Possibly the worst Seelie, but Sirius embraced the ideals of the Gryffindor house, and they are not all that far off from Seelie philosophy - valor, virtue, protecting others and smiting evil? That's just what good people do, it's no mystery! The problematic attitude of "you're with us or you're against us" falls into that court very strongly, along with his understanding that there really is right and wrong in the world. It's the right and wrong of his own heart, not the right and wrong that his parents would have had him adopt, but it's still there.

* Wizard: Sirius was born with the innate ability to influence the world around him through magic! This means that he would and can still do magic even without a wand, it's just harder to manifest and control. He's not yet entirely done with his schooling, but is a precocious and active student, and can hold his own pretty darn well! There are different kinds of magic available:
** Charms, which is to say all spells cast using an incantation and a wand
** Transfiguration, the art of turning a thing into another thing, including yourself
*** Animagus: Because he is AWESOME, Sirius has perfected the ability to turn into a great big puppy! He cannot cast spells in this form, as he can't use a wand and the level of concentration and complex thought he'd need for wandless casting is basically impossible when 90% of his brain is preoccupied with how everything smells.
** Potions, the art of combining ingredients in a cauldron to create magical elixers and such
** Divination, gleaning prophecies and omens about the future
** Arithmancy, which I'm going to handwave as some sort of basic math plus numerology because it's never described in the books
** Runes, which I will say is the ability to permanently imbue objects with magical powers.
** Apparition, basically wizard teleportation. You can apparate quite far so long as you are quite familiar with the point that you are trying to appear in, and you can people along with you though the ride will not be at all comfortable - better to make a portkey. I am confident that Sirius could make a portkey, but will not do so without mod approval.

Sirius is particularly good at Charms, Transfiguration and Runes (the Marauder's Map, his flying motorbike and the two-way communication mirror he made with James and later gave part of to Harry stand as examples of his skill in making magic items). He can do Arithmancy and Potions but isn't great at them, and is no good whatsoever at Divination.

The clothes on his back (boots, t-shirt, jeans), a black leather motorcycle jacket with a red phoenix painted on the back (pockets: one wand, a small purse with about $100 in wizarding money in it, a motorcycling enthusiast magazine and a cheese sandwich), a dog collar with a tag that says "Padfoot", and his magical flying motorcycle.

NOTE ON THE MOTORCYCLE: I am ok with him not actually having it, and with it only working so long as it has petrol, but it's fun flavor.




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